Performance & Failure Analysis

What went wrong and why?

Ideally a painting inspector would be on site for the critical stages of large scale projects to prevent any issues arising and to back up product guarantees, but this doesn't always happen. While it is more difficult to solve problems when a paint inspector is called in after a project has finished, there are methods of testing and analysing the substrate and the coatings to identify root causes that would have lead to the problem that is being encountered.

NuSpec consultants conduct site visits to resolve questions or disputes regarding the quality of surface preparation or coating application, make coating repair or repainting recommendations, and determine the cause of coating failures.

Field work will often include comprehensive measurements of coating dry film thickness, microscopic examinations of coating continuity and integrity, evaluations of the underlying substrate for the quality of cleaning, and evaluations for possible environmental degradation of the system.

In addition, the adhesion of the coatings to the substrate (i.e. base surface to which paint is applied) and in between coats (in the common case of multiple layer systems) are examined and potential failure points diagnosed.

Performance and Failure Analysis

With many years experience in the industry NuSpec Consulting is uniquely placed to provide expert analysis of coating failures. Using state of the art equipment and internationally recognised best practice methods for testing of coatings and coating failures, we can advise clients as to how and why particular coatings failed, and how to guard against coating failures in the future.