Coating Recommendations & Specifications

Which coating fits my need?

The ultimate success of any coating system begins with the specification. NuSpec Consulting offer our clients tailor designed coating specifications based on our team's industry experience, which includes over 40 years combined practical experience in the application of protective coating systems - as well as the latest industry developments in coating technology.

NuSpec will engineer a coating solution to fit your every need, taking into account the life and age of the plant or asset, the environment, the condition existing coatings as well as budget constraints.

NuSpec can also check a paint specification that either you have written for a client or a paint specification that was drawn up for you by a paint supplier / architect / consulting engineer, to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

Coating Recommendation & Specification

NuSpec Consulting provides full, comprehensive specifications for new build and maintenance works, including the correct surface preparation procedures, suitable coating systems and final sign offs. Comprehensive specifications and procedures will reduce confusion for the contractor and ensure long term protection.