Coating & Corrosion Inspection

A Job well-done?

NuSpec Consulting provides many different types of quality control and quality assurance inspection services to the coating industry; from simple, part-time to full-time inspection providing comprehensive reporting of data and informative QA reports

NuSpec Consulting offers independent, 3rd party coating inspection service. These verify that the following procedures have been followed correctly to nationally & internationally recognised standards:

  • Surface preparation, atmospheric & environment checks
  • Application tests & ITP compliance
  • Product QA compliance
  • Flowcharting ITP & application processes
  • Coating thickness testing
  • Holiday (porosity) testing
  • Coating adherence & cure tests
  • Appearance and finish checks
  • Client completion and acceptability records
Coating and Corrosion Inspection

NuSpec Consulting is a recognized leader in the field of coating systems. Our inspectors operate independently of all paint manufacturers and painting contractors, so our clients can be confident that they are receiving reliable and independent advice from experienced and unbiased professionals. NuSpecs services include the provision of long term paint plans for new build and maintenance projects, failure analysis, including the nature and extent of the damage, and recommended remedial action, and survey and reporting services for dispute resolution.

The ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) is a critical component of the project. This needs to reflect the requirements of the Spec and Scope of work. NuSpec will review ITP's Vs Spec and Scope and hold pre-start meetings to ensure preparation, application and test requirements are understood.