Asset Survey

What is the condition of your Asset?

Evaluation of current and potential coating conditions requires the services of an expert. That expert must also be armed with the most appropriate tools in order to develop the most accurate, dependable and informative results and recommendations. With this in mind NuSpec offers a Complete Component Itemisation as follows:

  • Recording Client Defined Criteria
  • Prioritization According to Individual Needs
  • Structural Component Inventory
  • Coating Condition Assessment
  • Risk Based Inspection Matrix (based on ISO4628 criteria)
  • Generic Coating Type Determination
  • Hazardous (e.g. Lead) Paint Detection
  • Compatibility of Existing Systems
  • Tracking Coating History
  • Identification of appropriate coating repair or replacement materials

A unique, flexible reporting system that ties the individual surfaces of the structure, the survey data and the photos to a pictorial 2D schematic of the section in a simplified, easy to use electronic report that allows you to scroll through the structure in a variety of criteria.

This can be used to establish a proactive and predictive plan that will increase efficiency, extend life expectancy and improve safety in the work environment and ultimately add value to your business.

Whether it's a new build or an existing site or plant, it is essential to prepare a long term paint plan for all elements of the site. NuSpec Consulting can provide a complete Site or Plant Survey to determine those long term paint plans and to ensure that it conforms to all current standards and regulations and the client benefits from the very latest paint technologies available to them. Surveys are regularly carried out on infrastructure and plant equipment including tanks, wall and floor surfaces, plant equipment, bridges, structural steel, pipe work, conveyors, ships, piers etc.